Marriage… A course worth running

I read this article in The Guardian recently and thought I would add my comments.

Lucy and I can thoroughly endorse The Marriage Course after we participated in a course run by our church in 2012. It is a low key,  non threatening short course for couples (married or not) and our story is that while our marriage wasn’t in crisis it benefited nonetheless.

Here are 3 thoughts why:

Intentional: it was a time that required both of us to commit intentionally to our marriage. Lucy probably takes credit for suggesting we do the course and some gentle peer pressure from her friends was not unwelcome. A joint decision to go for it was required in order for us to benefit and the fruit of us both being intentional was that we were reminded of our continual commitment to one another.

Informative: I think one of the best things about the way the course is presented is that it helps you to think “oh… it’s not just us then!”. While the course doesn’t offer a validated, accreddited, recognised qualification you can take confidence from the authority and importantly the apparent vulnerability of the presenters and other contributors (The Sofa People – as they are affectionately known). We came away with healthy reminders of stuff we do know well but also some information which we can imitate and help others with.

Investment: Ok, so it was a couple of nights at Pizza Express worth to do the course (your mileage may vary) but we didn’t begrudge the cost because it was an important investment of time and money – 7 x 2 hours is a pretty small price to pay for something as important as a marriage.

I applaud all the work that Nicky and Sila Lee and the team at Relationship Central have done with this and other courses. It is such a gift!

Have you done The Marriage Course? Perhaps it should be a belated New Year’s Resolution!


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