Zero to Hero Challenge

As a new blogger I have taken up the Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge.  Why am I telling you? Well the Day 1 challenge was to write a first post about why I am blogging. Seen as I broke the seal and already put a first post out there I thought I would do a more considered About me page.

You can read it here and find out more about five double-ues and an aitch.


3 thoughts on “Zero to Hero Challenge

  1. I am having trouble getting my Zero to Hero badge on my blog: could you help or is it my theme?

    • Hi Jackie,
      The image is an Image Widget. If you look at the bottom of the zerotohero post there are a couple of links to instructions. Briefly it is:
      – copy the url of the image which is at the bottom of the post i mentioned.
      – in Appearance settings open Widgets. Click ‘image’ to insert a new image widget in your sidebar.
      – in the properties copy the address into the ‘image url’ field.
      Thats it basically… Hope you get it working.

  2. […] Zero to Hero Challenge | five double-ues and an ait […]

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