Resolution: A course of action determined or decided on

So says one of about a dozen definitions of the word Resolution at The Free Dictionary.

I like this one because it reflects what I’ve done.

An alternate definition says:

A resolving to do something.

I feel like this definition suggests a resolution is just a quick decision; a gut feeling; a reactionary change. Whereas a course of action (a plan) is one that has been determined or decided more deliberately. Determined suggests a more measured, reflective approach. I could be wrong (you tell me) but I think that is better.

A better writer than I posted this in early 2013 and it explains better what I am reaching for: Resolutions (especially the New Year variety) are better when they are the result of considered process which has been brought about by a revelation in the light of an event: “Oh! The scales tell me I have put on a stone in a month – I need to adjust my approach to caring for my body” is more rounded than “Rubbish, I’m overweight – I better do a crash diet/join the gym/etc”

So in the spirit of world wide accountability here are my New Year’s Plans for 2014:

  1. I am resolved to change my approach to food, diet and exercise therefore I am going to monitor my food intake with a general aim of reaching a target weight by Easter.
  2. I am resolved to deepen my relationship with the Word of God (The Bible) and so I am going to begin a 6 days per week, Bible in a Year reading plan using my smartphone and tablet which will mean I read the whole Bible over the next 12 months.
  3. My leadership of others can be half hearted and lacklustre and so I am resolved that the Missional Community that Lucy and I lead will have at it’s core a key group who we will relate to as our extended family.
  4. I’ve started a blog so I am now obliged to generating and publishing content to it regularly. Therefore I am committing to putting something up at least once a week. (I’m not short of ideas now but in 6 weeks time, who knows!).

As a family we have other more specific aims and plans (with some clarity still to be found) but I’ll spare you the gory detail. Feel free to ask me how I’m doing!


2 thoughts on “Resolution: A course of action determined or decided on

  1. There’s a typo in your bio. Should read ‘so called nice guy.’ I’m doing something similar but keeping a journal rather than a blog. Like you I too will be making myself accountable to someone for the outcomes I express. I wonder how we’ll get on?

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