Welcome to my blog. I hope you find something of interest. My name is Jon, married with 2 kids and one wife. For now. (The kids that is.) I live in the UK. My role in life is husband, father, brother and so called nice chap. I follow Jesus (which I guess makes me a Christian if you want to label me) and serve Him in all I do.

The title of my blog is “five double-ues and an aitch”. This is a way of remembering 6 questions:

  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • Who
  • and finally How

These questions are helpful analytical tools used in business, research and other areas of life. I find them helpful for scoping out projects and thinking through plans. Frankly, I couldn’t think of anything better so unless I have a dramatic change of heart in the next 24 hours I guess it will have to stay. So here goes:


I start with Why because it helps to define purpose. Watch this great TED talk by Simon Sinek for more.

Why start a blog? I realised that a blog would be a good way to help me reflect on life. I am not naturally a reflector and tend to process externally (ask my wife, she gets my rawest output) and while that is healthy in community it can be hard or even harmful. I guess you might say a blog is external processing and yes it is to the extent that is it is about community but the initial output (a post) demands reflection. No one is interested in any old nonsense; I need to refine my words, think about structure and grammar and write without too many exclamation marks. So I have decided to try blogging to help me live reflectively. More on this in the future I think.


Ok, some more feet on the ground stuff. I live and work in Derby, UK. Derby is a 250k population city in the middle of England. I have lived here for over 14 years and it is where we call home. I work for a church which has a vision for reaching the East Midlands with the good news of Jesus. My role is the Operations Manager of the church which is also a registered charity and I get involved with a diverse range of activities.

I was brought up in East Anglia (Cambridge area) but born in Scotland. You decided if I’m Scottish or not – an in joke with my wife there.


This seems to follow neatly. I am married to Lucy and we have 2 boys, Ben and Joshua. Lucy looks after our household and is involved with a range of activities including running a successful toddler group hosted by our church.


When will I blog? I would like to post once a week minimum. I want to be able to write thoughtfully so if I try any more regularly I won’t be able to generate meaningful content. Unless I break a leg or something, then I expect I will have plenty of time on my hands…. lets hope not eh?


What will I blog about? As I mentioned above this is about living reflectively and so I will blog on issues and events that affect my life but which might be useful for others to read and reflect on. I said in my new year’s post I have one life so therefore I don’t like compartmentalising but I admit there are different dimensions or facets to my life. Therefore I am going to aim to think about my:

  • Faith Life: What am I thinking about in terms of my relationship with Jesus
  • Family Life: Family in the broadest sense here both nuclear and extended
  • Role in Life: or Work Life. Issues or things which affect the way I relate to the world and in particular the different roles I carry.
  • One Life: a catch-all category, for the things I can’t put in one or two categories.

And finally, How?

Well with WordPress of course. More specifically I am going to do a few things to help me succeed with this blog: Maintain a list of post ideas so I am always generating ideas for content. Draft early but don’t over edit – I risk playing to my perfectionist weaknesses if I try and get the perfect post; ask for feedback from critical friends; engage with the wider blogging community to connect with like minded and not so like minded individuals. I will set aside a bit of time each week to reflect and write. I might not post straight away but I work best when I set aside a block of time to work on things like this. Most of all I hope to enjoy it. if I don’t enjoy this I will never do it?

So that’s it, an introduction to me and this blog. You can find me on Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter if you so wish!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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