Blogging takes time, tenacity and thought

Today’s date is the 18th May. Well it was the 17th when I started this post. It turns out it has been 130 days since my last entry! Oops. Classic behaviour you might say for a new year’s resolution blogger.

What I’ve realised is that I need to dedicate regular time to form the habit. This isn’t a new idea to me by the way, just one which I need to be reminded of regularly. I also need tenacity. I quite enjoy writing; I wouldn’t say I am a naturally gifted writer but I do find I can do it. I am determined to try and blog more regularly as the skill will only improve… well I hope so.

Chair in Field Alone by Evan Brennan

And finally: thought. One of my reasons for starting was to allow myself to reflect and attempt to articulate things in such away that my learnings and reflections might be useful to others. This does require actual thinking and consideration of life in general if I am to have any useful output.

Time for a renewed commitment then: to get a short and snappy blog out a couple of times a month or maybe more.

What do you find helps you to blog?